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An Artist's Touch

Stan Bitters is a 21st-century caveman, In a windowless building on an industrial strip of Fresno California the 76-year-old sculptor shapes earth, water and fire into primal ceramic forms. It is a ritual based more on instinct than intellectual precept. "It's not about thinking about the clay," he says. "It's really getting in there and manipulating it-mashing it and beating it-until it produces some feeling of wonderfulness, something earthy and textural." 
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"Mister Big"
Stan’s large textural murals grace the walls of Californian banks, hotels and homes, while smaller works include clay fountains, birdhouses, and unglazed earthenware ceramics and screens. His book Environmental Ceramics even makes a case for incorporating clay into architecture, not just as decoration but as a structural medium.  
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"Stan Bitters - Creative Sculptor"
Today's sculptor often sees his role as that of a redeemer, and Fresno artist Stan Bitters is no exception. What he and many of his contemporaries are "saving" is the humane quality which they find lacking in much of modern architecture. with its emphasis on minimal form and maximum function. ...    Read more ..... Stan Bitters - Creative Sculptor

"Environmental Ceramics"
"Environmental Ceramics" may be a relatively new flag for politicians to wave but it has been a long time concern for Fresno ceramist Stan Bitters.......    Read more ..... Stan Bitters - Book

"Magnificent Flying Machines"
Those Fantastic Flying Machines! - Whimsical creations by Fresno artist, Stan Bitters, hang in the Solano Mall prompting many people to wonder, "Can they really fly?".      Read more ..... Magnificent Flying Machines

Fresno artist Stan Bitters has a bent for the unusual.       Read more ..... Fresno Artist Gives Wing to His Talent

Stan Bitters' Dream"
For more than 20 years, sculptor Stan Bitters has pleaded in a lonely voice for the integration of art and architecture.
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"Integrating Art"
Stan Bitters is a Californian architectural sculptor interested in integrating art into the environment rather than tacking it on later.      Read more ..... Integrating Art

"Sizing Up the Latest"
"Flamboyant" is probably the first assessment the viewer assumes of the personality of the artist, walking into the gallery.....   Read more ..... Sizing Up the Latest